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Beautiful Blues

Natasha Meister's soulful sound has earned her an audience, and her love affair with the blues translates to her wardrobe.

Natasha Meister is a Canadian-born, Cape Town-based 21-year-old who’s just released her debut album Half Way. Besides her beauty and captivating vocal ability, reminiscent of Alicia Keys and Norah Jones, she’s a guitar wizard, who’s already earned an endorsement from Fender – the only woman in Africa to do so – ever! 

Since the age of six, Meister has sung in church, leant to play the guitar and today her love affair with the blues is turning her into a star. LEGiT hooked up with Meister to find out how she matches her wardrobe to her genius.

Describe your personal style.
Casual – cowboy, tomboyish, denimsleather and boots.

What’s your Number One tip for on-trend style?
Wear what you feel comfortable in and don't over-do it with the make-up and glam… let your natural beauty shine through.

What’s your favourite occasion to dress up for?
Weddings, parties… any kind of celebration.

What's your Number One summer 2012 essential?
A cute pair of ripped denim shorts. It will look good with just about any top.

Heels or flip-flops?

What is your most treasured fashion item?
A good pair of my boots… I always wear boots when I perform. They’re comfortable, but still look good on stage.

Do you have an item in the back of your wardrobe that you'll never wear?
I still have one or two sweaters that I used to wear in high school, but I'd never wear it now. I had bad taste back then. Also, I have sneakers that I always avoid wearing out in public – unless of course I'm going for a jog or something.

What are your first-date wardrobe staples? Which items make a fantastic first impression?
Well I suppose it depends where you're going on your first date. If it's somewhere fancy, then a little black dress will never fail – it's sexy, yet sophisticated. If you're going somewhere casual, like the movies, then a nice pair of fitted denims with a cute top – it makes your beauty seem effortless, besides most guys are attracted to a more simple and natural look.


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