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In Retrospect: Cape Town Folk n' Acoustic Festival

A little more blues rounded off the evening; Natasha Meister showing us again why the youth of South Africa (and Canada) have what it takes to be ambassadors of old-school styles with a fresh new voice.

Along with Jack Mantis and Farryl Purkiss, also in the third set, the new generation of musicians are turning heads within the local and international industry, proving that everything that has gone before can be done differently and better. The evening finished off with the renowned hit single by Just Jinjer’s frontman, ‘What He Means’. Ard Matthews gave a lacklustre performance in his first song of the evening, making me feel a little apprehensive about the end to a near-perfect evening, but came back with a passionate performance of his hit song, proving to the enraptured audience why he is one of South Africa’s top exports. His performance was breathless and extraordinary; an explosion of sound which rocketed above the heads of the audience, capturing the essence of what it means to give fully of yourself as a musician and performer.

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