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Kirstenbosch Summer Concert

I went to Kirstenbosch on the 22 January 2012 to go watch the Summer Concerts and what an amazing show it was. The music artists that performed were Natasha Meister and Dan Patlansky. Before the show started, the presenter that came on was Guy McDonald. He was very funny and made the crowds.

I was with my friend, Monica, and we were one of the first people to arrive at Kirstenbosch. We were excited to see Natasha perform. We weren't really big fans of Dan Patlansky, but after he performed, we actually enjoyed Dan's performance. There were the merchandise people that came in between the crowds and were selling Dan Patlansky albums and if you bought the album, you received a blow-up guitar that you "played" right at the end of his performance. There were a lot of professional photographers taking photos non-stop.

When Natasha came on stage to perform because she was the opening act for Dan Patlansky, but goodness! Natasha was amazing! She came on stage with her guitar and started singing. Her performance was outstanding and not to mention that there are a lot of people at the show (More than last time I was at a Kirstenbosch Summer Concert.). When Natasha sang, it took my breath away. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her music, it was terrific. After every song she sang, everyone screamed "Woooah!", it was so cool. Near to the end of Natasha's performance, she covered one of Adele's songs, which was "Rolling in the Deep." and Natasha was fantastic! She sounded very similar to Adele's song. Natasha's performance was very relaxing and I was very happy to hear such a talented voice.

After Natasha's performance, Dan Patlansky came on stage and sat with his guitar and just played the guitar. I looked back and saw people walking towards the stage with camera's in hand. (Not that many other people came to the front when Natasha performed, there was just flashing lights from all the camera's.). After a while, Dan Patlansky sang and then the drummer and bass guitar came on stage. To the crowds surprise, Dan welcomed Natasha back on stage and she played her guitar. I must admit that it was amazing! I enjoyed every second of their performance. After Natasha played her guitar, to our surprise again, Dan welcomed Ross from Prime Circle on stage. Haha! I couldn't believe Ross was at Kirstenbosch, not to mention the crowd went wild and were screaming. (All you saw were camera's flashing.) There was another guitar player that performed. (Which was really good, but I, unfortunately, cannot remember his name.). He was really good with playing his guitar, it was incredible. The performance was fantastic and really Awesome! Everyone was smiling, taking pictures and enjoying the sun.

I cannot get over how well Dan Patlansky played his guitar, I still remember at the end of his performance, Dan held, with one finger, one of the strings on his guitar. (I still cannot get over that.) and everyone who bought the Dan Patlansky's album, received a blow-up guitar, which everyone "played" with the last song Dan performed.

After the whole show, you got to meet Natasha Meister and Dan Patlansky and have your album singed by them. On Friday, I won Natasha's "half Way" re-designed album, so after the show, I walked with Natasha to the merchandise table, Natasha signed the "Half Way" album and I got to have a picture taken with her. I also met her manager, Richard Harris, a very kind man and a great person. My friend, Monica and I also got to meet Ross from Prime Circle, I couldn't believe we got to meet him. It's quite difficult to meet Prime Circle in person. Monica and I chatted to Ross for a little bit and then we went home afterwards.

I must say that I really and Truly enjoyed this day! It was absolutely amazing!
Thanks to everyone who came through to Kirstenbosch to watch Natasha Meister and Dan Patlansky!
If you weren't there, you missed a great performance.

Thanks everyone for Reading,
Much Love,
Andria Mackinnon


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