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Legend in the making

Article by Getit Cape Town.

Come Friday night, nothing spells weekend, like that dusky, twilight hour when the sun lingers on Signal Hill like the last lyrics of a Nina Simone song and downtown starts humming with chill-time buzz, but there’s still a way to go before live acts crank up the sound all over the Mother City.

It’s also the golden hour when ‘as it happens’ blogdom starts dictating the pace for the next 48 hours, in one of the trendiest playgrounds on the globe. Off the radar, however, as strong as the current flowing underneath the City’s cobbled streets, endures the age-old tradition of Capetonians keeping a few brilliant aces up their own sleeves… if only for a short while.

A few nights ago, my posse and I made an early pit stop in Hout Street, and then lingered on, upon hearing the Natasha Meister band was on stage at nine. Now I know most are aware of the groundswell about the black-eyed vocalist and her Strat. However, believe me, until you’ve catch Natasha live, you aren’t holding the talking stick.

On the night in question, the front singer with tresses the colour of blueberries, was joined by big sis Shari, on a visit from Canada, and old-timers Roger Bashew on bass and Paul Tizzard on drums. These guys seriously know their stuff and Shari delivered, but in reality, there was only one performer in the house … the one oozing sex appeal from every pore, the one on the cusp of stardom, the one and only Natasha Meister.

Better known as a solo blues act, the front vocalist looked intensely occupied, somewhere else in her mind, with eyes closed, and her fingers strumming the Strat. But her voice was everywhere, reaching deep inside those deep dark places that you cannot always explain. If I have to call it, I’d say it’s old soul, schooled in a church choir somewhere along the Mississippi river bank and blues sung the Aretha Franklin way.

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