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Music Review: Natasha Meister Band - Half Way

The first thing that grabs you from Natasha Meister’s debut album, Half Way, is her voice. Oh, man, that voice. Soulful and passionate at its peak, Natasha’s voice also possesses a lovely Tracy Chapman quality to it, causing you to sit up and take notice of the expressive melodies and honest storytelling.

Her biography says that her guitar skills are reminiscent to that of John Mayer’s – and I tend to agree with this statement (although, I do feel that she slightly held back on Half Way and could’ve let her fingers do more talking than they already do). This lady knows what she’s doing on the fretboard – and is also helped by the backing of a solid band. Together, they’ve produced an engaging album, which shows their ability to sniff out a good tune and compose a well-written song.

However, I must get to the negatives now. The production and mixing of the album leave a lot to be desired. Often sounding like a low quality rip, the album’s overall sound takes away from the moments of splendid songwriting – and might put off potential listeners with its low budget, demo-esque resonance.

Production and mixing aside, Half Way still does more than enough to prove that Natasha has gotten this singer/songwriter thing down to a tee and this is only the beginning of greater things to come.

Best Tracks: ‘Winter Storm’, ‘This Desire’, and ‘Drowning’


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