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Natasha Meister band – Half way - Top all-rounder

The latter was a respected singer but an underrated guitarist; Meister has a formidable reputation for her funky fretwork, but is not yet full appreciated for her vocals.

Both are wonderful songwriters.

So, for that matter, are John Mayer and Bonnie Raitt, the other two major sonic touchstones listeners may hear in Meister’s music. Like Mayer, Meister gets a gorgeous warm tone out of her guitar and is able to combine formidable chops with easily accessible melodies.

Like Raitt, the younger woman comes across as the real deal, completely comfortable with her craft. And on You’re So Good To Me, she even sounds like the much-féted American. 

Meister is generally classed as a blues player, but that’s a tag rather too liberally strewn about nowadays, and the scope of her songwriting and performance abilities mean that she’s just as likely to appeal to pop and rock audiences.



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