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Natasha Meister - MK website article

You will never look at blues in the same way again, not after you have heard Natasha Meister that is. She is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. From her sound, look and all round appeal she offers something wholly different and energising. She has steadily set about conquering the local scene both as a solo artist and with the Natasha Meister Band  with a vigour and passion unlike many. Oh and she is endorsed by Fender Guitars – the only woman in SA with that honour.

Her moody, bluesy sound has attracted her a rapidly growing fan base and she is going to continue to grow, this time with drummer Paul Tizzard, a SAMA award winner and member of many prolific local bands and bassit Roger Bashew, a freelance composer and producer and Jazz player at the helm for the newly released album 'Halfway'.

The album is a reflection of where she is at in her life. It is raw, passionate and emotive.  It is refreshing, there is an underlying passion throughout and comes across in the soulful and honest songs. The contrast of lively and upbeat songs is dispersed with the more laid back and mellow songs, it takes the listener on a journey all while keeping them enthralled throughout.

The title track, ‘Halfway’ features her sister, Shari on backing vocals. The songs 'Safe in the Silence' and 'This Desire' show off a more vulnerable  side and 'Good Thang' is a soulful and funky number that is infectious and invigorating and is one of the top contenders on the album.

‘Halfway’ is exciting, distinctive and comes together just a touch of funk It shows off Natasha's bluesy, Motown vocals as well as Paul Tizzard and Roger Bashew's skill, they all add their own unique flavour to the album with the result being a polished and competitive album that should fit in well with any blues fan’s collection.

See full article: http://mk.dstv.com/2012/04/23/natasha-meister/



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