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Natasha Meister's very first official music video

Natasha Meister has launched her first music video on Showbiz Report this past Saturday.

Upon asking her what the music video means to her she had the following to say:


“Had the amazing opportunity of shooting my first official music video for one of the tracks off my debut album called Safe In The Silence. The video was produced and directed by Bauke Brouwer who has had experience making short films and doing editing for shows like Top Billing. I wanted to shoot a video for this song as I had gotten such a great response from my fans for this track in particular. It’s probably the most personal and vulnerable song from the album even though it has an upbeat and playful style…I open myself up and let my fans know the real me.

The video is made up of shots of me walking around, playing my guitar and looking for inspiration in the streets of Seapoint late at night when it’s dead quiet and no one else is around to give the effect of “loneliness” and “silence” compared to a generally busy city during the day. The first line of the song describes it the best – “I’m always here, just where I belong”- a lot of my fans have no idea that I’m actually this shy and quiet person behind the scenes when I’m not on stage. I’ve always felt indifferent and left out because of my shyness but I’m learning to accept it. I know that there are many people out there that feel the same way so I’m hoping they can connect with this song.”




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